Virtual Tour Gallery

Virtual Tour Gallery

Photography taken to the next level. That’s what panoramas are to me. Seriously, apart from actually going there and seeing by yourself, what can be better than an interactive panorama to explore a place?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a panorama is worth a thousand pictures!

360° panoramas are a key feature of this website and I created this page as a portfolio as an attempt to share with you some of the most striking places I had the chance to travel to.

The virtual tours are here presented for quick access, but if you wish to get more information and read about my experience in these wonderful places, go check the travel blog or search the articles by destination!

The great majority of the panoramas on this site are full spherical panoramas, a few ones are cylindrical panoramas. Go check the panorama tutorial if you are not sure of what that means!

Browse the menu below and click to open the 360° panoramas and virtual tours! Depending of the speed of your connection, you might have to wait a few seconds for the panoramas to load, be patient 🙂


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