CBD Singapore

That’s probably the image that first comes to mind when thinking about what Singapore looks like. Year after year new towers are planned and built, turning Singapore’s Central Area into an Asian Manhattan.

It is quite striking to get out of the MRT (their metro) at Raffles Place Station and be surrounded by all these high towers all around. With no surprise, the tallest buildings of Singapore are there. Everything is impressive: the height of the towers, their number and how close they are to each other.

The very first buildings of Singapore may not be the prettiest ones, but the more recent ones are quite spectacular and often very modern and innovative in their design and colors.

I am a nature and wild spaces lover but I have always been amazed and impressed by these skyscrapers that are built all over the world. Singapore’s towers aren’t that tall compared to the ones you can find in some other countries, but it’s the “forest of buildings” effect that will strike you.

Near Raffles Place MRT, the “Momentum” sculpture, from the Israeli artist David Gerstein, stands to symbolize the people of Singapore walking together in a spiral of progress to make Singapore a world-class city. It is the tallest work of art in Singapore.

Completed in 2012, the Marina Bay Financial Center nicely extends the cluster of buildings of the Business District. The first tower on the left in the panorama below actually is a residential tower. The price of these luxury apartments is probably beyond our imagination! The three other towers are mostly reserved to international banking firms.

CBD Singapore

Buildings of the Marina Bay Financial Center.


Positions Of The Panoramas On The Map


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Singapore skyscrapers

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