dayang bunting

Exploring Langkawi’s Archipelago

Dayang Bunting Island is a quite big piece of wilderness located just south of the main Langkawi Island. But even before reaching the island, you are already sailing in a fantastic landscape made of numerous karstic islands partially covered with a lush tropical forest.

Dayang Bunting is one of the three Geoforest Parks of Langkawi, with the Kilim Geoforest Park, and the Machicang Mountain where the cable car is located.

The main point of interest of the Dayang Bunting Island is its lake (called the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden), amazingly separated from the open see by nothing but a thin strip of land. There is a path to follow along the lake, until you reach the narrow point where you are between the lake and the sea.

But the day tour doesn’t stop here. You are then taken to the nearby Singa Besar Island. In on of its bays, surrounded by the mangroves, dozens of fishing eagles will be there fishing their food right in front of you. These birds are the symbol of Langkawi and watching them is a great show!

The last stop of the tour is Beras Basah Island, where you are welcomed by a wonderful beach in an untouched environment.

The Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park is a great opportunity to discover Langkawi beyong the main island, and can only recommend going for this day tour.

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