Souq Waqif Qatar

Second Visit to Doha

The first time I went to Qatar, I didn’t really take the time to explore much of Doha. I prefered to spend most of the time driving around in the desert.
The second time, I really made a point to visit a place that seemed really pretty and pleasant from some pics I had seen, the Souq Waqif.

Souq Waqif is the traditional market of Doha, that has been completely restored and developed. The sun was starting to come out of the clouds and the temperature was just perfect. I sat at a restaurant to have a delicious lunch and lazed there for a while, watching the people strolling.

I had a great time exploring this market, getting lost in the small covered streets with all the shops, always with a strong smell of spices. I enjoyed this real exotic Arabian atmosphere. As I randomly got out of a covered street of the market, I found myself in a small plaza with people selling colorful birds.

I have to admit that so far my impression of Doha was not that great, and spending some time in this market helped revise my judgement about the city. I guess you just need to know where to go to find something you like!

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