Gitgit Waterfall Bali

The Gitgit Waterfalls are probably the most famous waterfalls of Bali. They are easily accessible from any popular destination in northern Bali such as Lovina or Singaraja. The easiest way is to get a driver with a car to take you there, and the waterfalls can be included in a few hours’ trip around the north of Bali, including the view to the Twin Lakes and the Banjar Hot Springs for example.

Pay the Rp. 3,000 (about 30 Cents) entrance fee and you are good to go! You will be following a pleasant shaded path under the trees. The first waterfall you will come across is the Campuhan Waterfall, a Balinese name which could be translated as “Twin Falls”. Indeed, two waterfalls are flowing in a narrow gorge and a small concrete path takes you very close to the falls.

These were my favorite falls, as the immediate environment looks very natural and wild, making the whole scene more attractive.

From there, you can continue the path to a taller waterfall called Mekalangan Waterfall. If the waterfall itself it slightly more impressive, I was less touched by it because the environment was quite degraded, it wasn’t the lush jungle I was hoping for. The landscape around the waterfalls is more a landscape of countryside and plantations than a pristine rainforest.

In spite of the (very slight) disappointment about the degraded environment around the falls, I can’t deny that I enjoyed this walk! I found the first falls very pretty and stayed there for a long while to enjoy the shade and the cool atmosphere. The second waterfall is still well worth seeing and the pleasant path allows a relaxing stroll that should definitely be part of your plans for your discovery of the north of the island of Bali.

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Gitgit Waterfalls

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  1. Gitgit Waterfalls is a lovely place to visit with easy access and good facilities. The falls here are really strong – the energy created from the water rushing over is incredible and quite loud! There is a shortish walk to the falls with some shops along the way so you can pick up a bargain or two when haggling with the locals! Any foot wear is good as the walk is paved and there are minimal stairs.

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