grand palace

One of The Most Important Landmarks of Thailand

In the heart of Bangkok, the remarkable golden roofs of the Grand Palace have filled millions of visitors with wonder. What is called the Grand Palace is actually a whole complex of historical buildings and temples covering almost 22 hectares.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) and its golden chedi (or stupa) is one of the most famous images of Bangkok and Thailand. The virtual tour above starts with the visit of this temple with the surrounding monuments belonging to the temple complex (panoramas 1 to 8).

Since its contruction in 1782 until 1925, the Grand Palace was the place of residency of the king as well as the administrative and religious center of Thailand. Nowadays, even if the kings doesn’t live there anymore, a part of the complex still houses some government offices.

I believe the Grand Palace is the first thing you should target to visit in Bangkok. Inevitably, you will have to share the place with a whole crowd of tourists from all over the world, but the complex is large enough to allow a pleasant visit. In any case, you can only be amazed at this delicate architecture, the grandeur of the buildings, all the colors, the gold, the incense smell, difficult to make it more exotic!

Virtual Tour Map

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