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Krabi’s Dream Islands

With its relaxed holiday atmosphere and its proximity to some of the best islands of southern Thailand, Krabi is an excellent alternative to Phuket.

If you are into hopping from dream island to dream island, there are quite a few tours available from Krabi to help you fulfill this desire. One of the most popular ones is the “4 Islands Tour”, and I am wondering why they call it this way as we only get to visit 3 islands plus a beach on the main land. But they probably figured that tourists have no idea of where they are taken to when they go on a tour so… Anyway, doesn’t matter.

What matters is the amazing beauty of the places we are taken to, and this tour doesn’t disappoint!

The first stop is at Phra Nang Cave Beach, located on a headland just south of Ao Nang, where all backpackers end up flocking to when wanting to go to Krabi. As its name suggests, there is a cave on the beach, with a very… specific decoration. Indeed, the cave is a spiritual place filled with representations of erect penises.

Phra Nang Cave Beach

Phra Nang Cave Beach

After this first stop, the boat heads to a group of islands, 5 to 7 km away: Chicken Island, Tup Island and Poda Island. This is where the real fun- and the real island hopping begins. Nature once again found a way to amaze me, by creating a “Chicken Island” that indeed has the shape of a chicken. At the time of my visit, it was low tide and we could walk freely on the sand bars linking the islands together. A really fantastic place!

Chicken Island

Chicken Island

As if it still wasn’t beautiful enough, a last ingredient came to make the postcard image even more perfect, the sunset!

If you are travelling to Krabi and is wondering what tour you should take, this is definitely a good choice, as you will experience the beauty of Thai islands, both with daylight and sunset, and even the glowing plankton at night! Too bad I couldn’t include that in the virtual tour!

Sunset at  Chicken Island and Tup Island

Sunset at Chicken Island and Tup Island


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