KL sunset

This fantastic 360-degree aerial view of Kuala Lumpur was shot from the top of the KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur). The KL Tower was open in 1996 after 5 years of construction. This huge 421 m structure definitely offers the best view over the Malaysian capital city.

Once at the top, you have two levels available at observation platforms. An indoor one with glass panels offering an unobstructed view, and an outdoor on at the very top. To go to the top, you will have to sign a paper basically saying that if you suddenly decide to jump off the tower, they will not be responsible.

As result, if you decide to go back down to the indoor platform, you won’t be able to go up again because your paper won’t be valid anymore! And they won’t let you get another one. So if you decide to leave the outdoor platform, make sure you won’t feel like going back later! At least, that’s how it was at the time of my visit, let me know if the rule has changed!

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