The Biggest Flood in Paris Since 1982

The Seine River is all people wanted to see a few days ago. Locals and tourists alike. It is true that usually, we are so absorbed by the magnificent monuments of Paris that the Seine often remains a secondary feature that we barely notice – we are just so used to have it there in the background. But last weekend, the Seine was the star! As I am publishing this, the level of the river in Paris is (very) slowly going down, and the peak of the flood is behind us.

Being born in 1985, this was obviously the first time I could see something like this. Indeed, these very unusual views of Paris have not been seen since 1982! At its peak, the water level reached 6.10 metres. That’s a lot, but still below the incredible levels reached during the 1910 Great Flood of Paris with a peak at 8.62 metres. By the way, these levels are not from the bottom of the river bed, but on top of its normal level!

Seeing Paris and the Seine River with 6 more metres of water will probably not happen again anytime soon, so I figured out it was well worth taking the suburban train to Paris to shoot a few panoramas and pictures. This virtual tour is a walk along the Seine River from Gare de Lyon to the Eiffel Tower and a little further. It was shot on the 5th of June 2016, around when the water level was at its highest.

All the bridges look like they have no pillars, Paris’ famous plane trees are in the water creating a kind of mangrove, expressways running along the river are no longer part of the landscape, and the barges are now floating over streets and quays (which is gonna be a problem when the water goes down…).

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