Monserrate Bogota, One of The City’s Best Attractions

Towering at 3152 metres (10,341 ft) above sea level in the east of Bogota, the Monserrate Hill is a very popular attraction of the Colombian capital city. The Monserrate Hill has been visited and turned into a religious sanctuary for centuries.

In 1650, a first church has been build at the top of the hill but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1917. The church that we can see today was built in 1925 to replace the former church. It is a pilgrimage place.

It is very easy to access it from the Candelaria district and the Parque de Los Periodistas (Journalists’ Square). Just follow the canal under the palms until you reach the bigger road. On the other side, you should see the cable car station.

Just buy your inexpensive cable car or funicular ticket and you will soon be 500 metres above the towers of Bogota! That’s what it takes to realise how huge this city is, covering a whole valley and hills. You can even spot the international airport on the other side of the city. The weather was not the best at the time of my visit but the view was already pretty impressive and I had long moments of contemplation.

Quick Info

Address: Cra. 3 Este, Bogotá, Colombia

GPS (station): 4°36’10.34″N, 74° 3’39.94″W

Best way to go: Taxi or walking from La Candelaria

Ticket: 19,000 pesos go and back (about 6 USD). Visit the link below for more information.

Opening hours: 6 am to 12 pm (visit the link below for more information).


Best season: December to March

Virtual Tour Map

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