Welcome to my Virtual Tour Collection!

You have probably noticed that panoramas are a big feature of this site and it is my favorite form of photography. That’s why I have decided to create this page where I gather all the panoramas and virtual tours I have made during my travels. So it is a little like my portfolio for panoramic images!

It is a work in progress as I regularly add new tours to this page.

In case you are confused, a panorama is a 360-degree image and a virtual tour is a set of panoramas in which you can jump from panorama to panorama from inside the images.

The virtual tours are organized by countries. Simply click on the country name to expend the section and show all virtual tours for this country. Click again to collapse the section. For each virtual tour, I precise how many panoramas it is made of.

You will also notice that some virtual tours have a little heart, these are what I think are the most beautiful and interesting tours. It doesn’t mean the others are not! Do explore everything ūüôā

In each virtual tour, you can click the theasys thumbnails icon at the bottom to show panorama thumbnails, and the theasys globe icon on the right to show the map with geolocalisation of the panoramas. The tours are hosted by a third-party service and they may take a few seconds to load so be patient, it’s worth it!

Looking for stock panoramic photography to license? Have a look at the end of this page.

As of today, 194 Virtual Tours | 906 Panoramas | 24 Countries

The Virtual Tours

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