bangla road

Dream Beach and Nightlife Hotspot

We often hear about “Phuket” as a touristic destination, and for a non-initiated it sounds a bit like Phuket is a simple seaside resort. It is actually a pretty large island, with various bays, each with a postcard-worthy beach. Each beach provide a different atmosphere, but the most famous and popular one is Patong Beach.

Its thin white sand and warm waters are a real delight, and the atmosphere is a mix between the typical laid-back atmosphere of Thailand and a more energetic, party mood. This feeling probably comes from what looks like a random street during the day, but comes alive at night as it get closed to car.

Bangla Road, or Bangla Walking Street, is a hotspot for nightlife in Phuket and the whole country. Aggressive neons light up the street with all imaginable colors and all the bars make full use of their sound systems. As you can guess, the girls are out too trying to grab the attention of the passer-by.

If you prefer very quiet and family-oriented destinations you might enjoy places like Krabi/Ao Nang Beach more, but I feel that Patong Beach and Bangla Road are still worth seeing, at least to get your own opinion about it. Your visit of Thailand wouldn’t be complete without it.

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