Rochor Centre

About Rochor Centre

Built in 1977 by Singapore’s House and Development Board, Rochor Centre is a both commercial and residential complex. It consists in 3 levels of shops and supermarket, on top of which were built 4 residential blocks.

At the time of its construction, it had nothing exceptional but when it was repainted in the early 1990’s, the striking vivid colors made it famous and it was soon to become an icon in Singapore.
Rochor Centre

Go explore this place while it still exists!

In 2011, the authorities released the plan for the upcoming North-South Expressway, and the residents of Rochor Centre found out that their home would need to be demolished to make way for the new road. The demolition is planned for the year 2016.

The residents will all be relocated to new flats, but many of them feel heartbroken to leave Rochor Centre. On top of the sentimental attachment to the place, there is also the matter of flat sizes. The older generations of flats like the ones at Rochor Centre are increasingly harder to find in Singapore, the new flats are generally smaller. As a result these people lose a precious asset – a flat of a comfortable size at an affordable price.

In any case, now is the time to have a last look at this colorful place before it gets torn down. It is not exactly pretty – it’s just a huge, old piece of concrete after all – and it’s not really like some other modern and immaculate areas of Singapore. But it is truly part of the History of Singapore and as a photographer there is some good time to be had in Rochor Centre!

2017 Update

At the time of my last visit in January 2017, everything was closed and the upper areas were not accessible anymore.
Rochor Centre

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