Things to do in Santa Marta

Often outshined by the colorful Cartagena, Santa Marta actually is the oldest colonial town in Colombia, and one of the oldest cities on the whole American continent. It was founded on July 29, 1525 by a Spanish conquistador, Don Rodrigo de Bastidas.

Before them, it was the Tayrona people who used to live on this land; but their confrontation with the Spaniards didn’t end well…

In the panorama above is shown the cathedral of Santa Marta, the oldest church of Colombia, first built in 1531 with clay and wood, and then rebuilt with its current architecture in 1765. It has quickly become the main landmark of Santa Marta.

For for more than 30 years, the remains of the famous libertador Simon Bolivar were kept in this church, before they were taken back to his home country, Venezuela.

There aren’t tons of things to do and see in the city of Santa Marta, but while you walk around enjoying the streets and plazas of the city, make sure you take the time go and see the cathedral – You will be charmed by the atmosphere provided by its colonial architecture!

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