Desert of Qatar

A year after my first experience of the desert of Qatar totally melting under the hot sun, I decided to go again! I must be insane. But this time we are in March and the weather is very pleasant! Warm without being too hot.

In Qatar, many stick to getting around Doha, but I just couldn’t wait to get out in the desert wilderness. For my second long layover in Qatar, I decided to go explore the south of the country.

During my first in Qatar, I had discovered an overwhelmingly empty flat desert of rocks and sand. In southern Qatar, south of the city of Mesaieed, the landscape gets more interesting. Once you reach the Sealine Beach Resort it becomes the kind of majestic desert we all love, with quite impressive giant sand dunes bordering the seashore. Around the bigger dunes, some shrubs catch the flying sand to form smaller dunes.

VIRTUAL TOUR – Sand Dunes Near Sealine Beach

Explore the landscapes of southern Qatar and the vastness of the desert (2 panoramas).

Click Here to View The Virtual Tour

The virtual tour opens in a lightbox. Use your mouse to move around the 360° panoramas.

Qatar Sealine

Qatar Sealine

The dunes are a cool playground for the Qatari people who love to feel the power of their 4-wheel drive cars speeding like crazy on the sand.

Qatar Sealine

This experience was more pleasant than the first one. The view over the endless dune fields at sunset remains a wonderful memory. And again, in March, the temperature was warm but not hot, just perfect.

Bottom line: if you plan to visit Qatar (or any country around the Gulf), go in winter! Please, avoid the summer. Even if you think you like heat, I like heat too. But this kind of heat, is not fun at all. Don’t even try going in spring, it’s just almost as bad as in summer (remember my first experience was in May…). Traveling between say, October and March, will give you the most pleasant and comfortable experience.

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