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Eased by an abundance of petrodollars, the skyscraper fever has taken over the Arabian Peninsula, and Kuwait makes no exception to this rule. Its capital, Kuwait City, has changed a lot in the past decade. All these buildings appearing one after the other in only a few years have shaped a totally different downtown.

For a long time, the silhouette of the Kuwait Towers were the only memorable structures in the skyline. But if you visit Kuwait City nowadays, you will face a forest of skyscrapers that keeps getting denser.

The place reminded me of the business district of Doha, Qatar and can feel a little soulless at times, but you can only be amazed at the incredible design of the 412 metre Al Hamra Tower. It is the tallest building of the country and 23rd tallest building in the world. As a skyscraper enthusiast, I was quite impressed.

As for all the all the Arabian destinations, it is much better to avoid the hot season, from May to September, because the weather is simply unbearable. See my experience of the desert of Qatar in the month of May to see what I’m talking about. My visit of Kuwait City took place in the last days of September and it was fine.

Virtual Tour Map

Details about the buildings shown in the Virtual Tour

  • Al Hamra Tower – 412 m – 80 floors – Completed in 2011
  • Arraya Tower – 300 m – 60 floors – Completed in 2009
  • United Tower – 240 m – 60 floors – Completed in 2011
  • Mazaya Towers – 180 m – 45 floors – Completed in 2012
  • Al Tijaria Tower – 218 m – 41 floors – Completed in 2009

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