Welcome! You are here on a website made by an Exploration Junkie for Exploration Junkies. Do you love learning about the world? Are you dreaming about traveling or preparing your next trip? Looking to improve your travel photography and even get into panoramic photography?

I’m Julien, and I started this website to share the things I find amazing about our planet, my discoveries and my adventures – and help you / inspire you to create YOUR adventures and take awesome pics of them.

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The name of this site, “Exploration Junkie”, is not just a fancy name. It’s a philosophy. A philosophy that pushes me to not be a random tourist, pushes me to learn, and understand the places I am visiting. I don’t want to see the world, only scratching the surface of everything; I want to explore it.

Through my articles, virtual tours, videos or ready-made itineraries, this is the philosophy that I am trying to pass on with this site.

I have visited a fair amount of very touristic places and huge metropolises (because most of the time they are must-sees). However, off the beaten path, little-known and unusual destinations are my true passion. My greatest travel memories include discovering a remote Indonesian archipelago and exploring an incredible gigantic cave in Laos that few people get to visit.

I will do my very best to visit more and more of such places in the future and share my exploration experiences on this blog.

Trip Planning

Here you can find information and inspiration about varied destinations around the world. Some are world-class attractions, some are way off the beaten track.

Do check out my travel & discovery blog and the travel 101 blog for general tips.

I also recently started to publish detailed itineraries that I have used in my travels, so it can make things easier to plan yours. Keep coming back for more!

Exploration Junkie Photography

Photography has always been a huge part of travelling for many people, and I am no exception. Logically, it has become an important part of this site as well. Make sure to check out what’s in my camera bag and my travel photography tips!

I am particularly fascinated by a specific type of photography: interactive 360-degree panoramas and virtual tours. Panoramas and virtual tours are Exploration Junkie’s signature. As you will quickly find out, I chose to share most of the places I have visited with one or several virtual tours. Why? A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. A Panorama Is Worth A Thousand Pictures!

Curious about creating your first panoramas? I have created a 7-Part Panorama Turorial aimed at complete beginners. You will see that even if equipment makes things easier, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to start creating panoramas!

Some Must-See Virtual Tours

I shared quite a few places and experiences via virtual tours on this site (and still have a ton of panoramas from a ton of places waiting to be processed and published!). Here is a short list of some really cool ones. but don’t hesitate to look for more by using the “Destinations” menu!

Exploration Junkie Videos

This website also has a YouTube channel, don’t hesitate to subscribe to make sure you will not miss any future video!

Social Media

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