Experiencing Soomaa National Park by Day and by Night!

This was one of the most exciting days in my whole trip in the Baltic States! Soomaa National Park protects the largest bog in Estonia, as well as a network of rivers around it. It is a quite unusual landscape to walk in for me who live near Paris, France.

The tour starts in a place called Riisa, east of the city of Pärnu. From there, we made a loop inside the park, that included some forest, crossing a part of the bog, back to the forest until we reached a river. We then paddled all the way back to Riisa.

But the tour was not over! We went back in the canoe as it was getting darker and darker, in the hope to see beavers and elks. The quietness of the place was unbelievable. Seeing animals is a matter of luck but just for this experience of paddling in the dark, it’s well worth going for the tour!


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