Visiting Moray

Moray is an Inca archeological site consisting in a set of circular terraced depressions. I have to admit that before going I wasn’t expecting anything that amazing but still went out of curiosity on the way to the Maras Salt Mines.

However, as I stood on the border of the bigger depression, I understood that my original thoughts were totally wrong. It certainly doesnt have the grandeur of Machu Picchu, but I was really quite impressed by the size of these depressions, I wasn’t expecting something that big and deep. I wouldn’t spend 3 hours in it, but it’s still well worth seeing it while you are touring the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

Agricultural Experiments

The ruins of Moray are not quite like the Inca ruins we usually encounter – Houses, temples, fortresses… It is believed that Moray was used by the Incas to develop the quality of their agriculture by experimenting various crops in vaious growing conditions.

Indeed, the conditions vary a lot according to where you are inside of the depression – more at the top or more at the bottomp, and more or less sunshine. Therefore, the Incas could experiment and study what crops grow better in what conditions, and get knowledge they can apply to their large-scale crop cultivations.

It shows how advanced the Inca culture was.

Quick Info

Address: 5 km (3 mi) west of Maras, Peru

GPS: 13°19’48.51″S, 72°11’40.46″W

Best way to go: Car and driver from Ollantaytambo

Entrance fee: Included in the Cusco Touristic Ticket (70 or 130 soles = 22 or 40 USD), giving access to a number of Inca sites in the Sacred Valley.

Duration of visit: 30 mins – 1 hour if you hike around

Best season: April to October

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